If you want to build a successful business in any industry, storytelling is a must. Storytelling is how you convey purpose, show credibility, and drive action. It’s the secret sauce in memorable branding, strong marketing campaigns, and converting leads into sales. After all, everybody loves – and remembers – a great story.

Copywriting, ghostwriting, blogging, newsletters, e-books, case studies, and more – the hard truth is most companies in cannabis, CBD, and hemp, can’t afford to hire full-time writers, which is where Flex Writing comes into play.

Flex Writing combines 20+ years of professional writing experience with a deep knowledge of cannabis and the industry that surrounds it. Wherever you’re at in the business life-cycle, Flex Writing, is here to serve, consult, and add value to your efforts.

Meet Your Flex Writer: Gregory Frye

Gregory Frye – founder of Flex Writing – is an international storyteller, writer, journalist, editor, marketer, and creative problem solver with a love for meaningful collaboration.

He began working in the cannabis industry in 2015 as part of the founding team for California-based Green Flower Media, which would become the world’s leading platform in cannabis education and training.

Gregory spent almost five years serving as Green Flower’s executive online editor, helping to shape the company’s editorial voice through email newsletters, 1,000+ blog articles, e-books, guides, and video scripts while working on 60+ marketing campaigns. His work on the blog alone brought in 75% of the company’s website traffic through SEO and word of mouth.

Through his editorial work in cannabis, Gregory has built a vast network of industry leaders across the globe. Today, he remains committed to cannabis education while helping others in the space build and amplify their brands and editorial platforms through Flex Writing.

Additionally, Gregory is an award-winning journalist, having written for the U.S. military and VICE. He has also written six books for the international book series Those Who Inspire.

What People Say

I don’t have nearly enough space here to say all the amazing things about Gregory Frye that would do him justice, but I’ll try.

Gregory is an incredibly talented writer and editorial manager. He can quickly and authentically connect with anyone. He takes his commitments very seriously, so you can always count on him.

His energy and creativity is infectious. He thinks out of the box and always comes up with unique ideas. He has no ego, which makes him an incredible team player. He is caring, supportive, flexible, and inspiring.

This is my way of saying: if you have a chance to work with Gregory, don’t hesitate for even a moment to move forward. He will surprise and delight you in more ways than you could imagine.

Max Simon
CEO and founder, Green Flower Media

I had the honor and privilege of working with Gregory as a senior writer and editor for over five years.

Gregory is a thoughtful and research-oriented journalist who has a knack for digging deep into his subject matter.

He is a master at interviewing high-profile subjects and building long-term, respected relationships every time!

I look forward to working with Gregory for years to come!

Stephanie Graziano,
Former co-founder and Executive Producer, Green Flower Media

It has been a pleasure to work with Gregory Frye for almost 10 years on the book series for Those Who Inspire. He is reliable, independent, and highly skilled as a storyteller and wordsmith.

Beyond just the books, when we have an especially sensitive or difficult writing task for our business, he remains our preferred option.

Delphine Barets,
Publisher, Those Who Inspire

Let’s build something together.

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